Friday, January 29, 2010

KMD2443 Autumn on the River by Kit Hevron Mahoney (autumn landscape original oil painting)


This is an amazing fall scene here in Colorado near our family property of almost 60 years now that I have been so fortunate to have been born into. I have taken the walk upriver every time I am there in every season and never tire of the new colors, smells and new growth I discover.

7"x5" unframed original oil on gessoed board
$100.00 + $10.00 shipping and handling

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Linda Armstrong said...

Beautiful paintings!
(Just a suggestion, you might want to set your comments so you can moderate them. Some here just seem to be strange advertisements, and it's a shame. This lovely work deserves better.)

DRANCHAK said...

Your paintings have a very natural feel as landscape painting should. I am a landscape (studio) painter myself and just now taking the step into plein air. I feel inspired and encouraged by your work. Nice blog setup too. Thanks for posting your work.

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