Friday, April 10, 2015

KMA3011 Come What May by Colorado artist Kit Hevron Mahoney (24x24 abstract acrylic)

I decided to step out of the box and show one of my recent abstract paintings. I have been reluctant to show my abstracts as they are so different from my representational works.
When creating my abstracts I have challenged myself to work intuitively and totally from within with no visual reference to draw from. Having painted for almost 30 years from reference this has pushed me into new places not always comfortable. So many of my abstracts have many layers of painted ideas, some of which are visible adding to the final composition. It is very difficult to know when I am finished as opposed to, for instance, a landscape painting. I hope you enjoy following my journey into the abstract as a part of my creative journey as a painter.
Of course, I will continue with my representational works and hope to see some influence in them from the abstract exploration.
I would love to hear back from you as to how you are reacting to these new pieces.
This is one of my paintings that will be showing next month in an abstract show at the Framed Image Gallery here in Denver.

24"x 24" original acrylic abstract unframed
$1200 + $40 shipping and handling

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