Monday, December 18, 2017

KM3050 Twilight Reflection by Kit Hevron Mahoney (Contemporary Landscape oil 14 x 11)

Twilight Reflection  11x14   oil
Here is another painting from my bin art sale.
I have priced it at $200 and it can be purchased by clicking on this link: Purchase Now.

I painted this painting mostly from memory and intuition as I strive to express more with less information. The open landscape is spiritual for me as I gaze upon the vastness of so many places in this world.

Friday, December 15, 2017

New Online Bin Art

KM2555 Wonderous Spring     6x8    oil    $125

BIN ART $200 and less.

It is so gratifying to have my paintings find new homes. 
I have so many new ideas to explore and your purchases are helping me clear out the studio and have my artwork enjoyed and appreciated. 
Here are 4 more paintings just added to my web ONLINE ART MARKET bin art. 
These are not only paintings but also memories of the wonderful times I had finding and photographing the subjects to express on canvas. 
How lucky am I to have found this career and my partners at Brushstrokes to share this world of creativity. 
The pink poppies are from our Denver Botanic Gardens, the Flatirons are, of course, Boulder. The other landscapes were painted after an amazing trip to France which has a plethora of inspiration to paint! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017


I am excited to announce that I have added a special new category to my online art sales: 
BIN ART $200 and less.

This bin of unframed studies/paintings for $200 and less is offered as a celebration of my 30-plus years as an artist/painter.
My studio is now overrun with an accumulation of these smaller original gems that deserve to be enjoyed and grace your walls.
Each is an expression of my energy and passion throughout my painting journey.
This comes just in time for the holidays and will be ongoing until I have made room for some very exciting new art explorations and experiments.
It is my hope that you will continue to follow me on my art journey and enjoy all the new ideas currently floating around my head that I am so excited to put on canvas.
Click here to go directly to BIN ART and see what is in the bin this month. 

Feel free to pass on this news to your friends and stay tuned for news as I amp up my digital presence in the new year!

Friday, February 24, 2017

KM0471 Afternoon Snow by Colorado Artist Kit Hevron Mahoney (24x18 Colorado, snow, winter, urban)

I am so happy to announce that I am celebrating 15 years of partnership with my great partners at Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery.
One of our first celebration events for this occasion is a Studio Sale. I am offering many of my paintings at a 35% discount and free shipping.
Our event opens on
Saturday, March 4 with a reception from 5pm - 7:30pm.
Sale continues through March 11.

Since I have been painting for 30 years now, I have accumulated a large inventory of great works that need to find new homes and make room for new creations in the studio.
Afternoon Snow is one of my sale paintings and the price reflects the 35% discount. This scene seems appropriate to post today as Denver is finally getting some much needed snow after many spring like days in February!

To see and purchase other works please go to my SALE BLOG where you will find my sale works for purchase.

18”x24” unframed original oil $2400
SALE PRICE: $1,560.00
Free Shipping

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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
Scott Adams

Monday, January 2, 2017

KME1001 Envision by Colorado Artist Kit Hevron Mahoney (3x5" encaustic abstract with inks)


A very Happy New Year to everyone!
I have been cleaning out my home studio to make room for new ideas and creations for 2017.
This is a favorite that was saved to use as reference for other paintings. Now it is time it to find a new home.
The price is reduced on this little gem from $75 to $35.
This painting was created intuitively using fluid acrylics and applying encaustic to the surface. As with all of my works, it is a one of a kind for the intuitive process is totally unpredictable and I use different techniques and materials on each.

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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
Scott Adams

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