Tuesday, March 16, 2010

KMD2460 Red Crested Cardinal ( bird, nature, wildlife)

While having lunch at the Contemporary Art Museum in Honolulu we were visited by these colorful birds who entertained us throughout our idealic lunch out on the lawn in the fragrant Hawaiian air. This is a Red Crested Cardinal which is fairly common in Honolulu. Also known as the Brazilian Cardinal, it was introduced around 1930 from South America. It feeds on seeds, plant matter, insects and fruit and anything from an artists luncheon!

6"x6" unframed original oil painting
$100.00 + $10.00 shipping and handling

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Barkingdog said...

This is very niczzz. I saw a cardinal - a Louisville Ky cardinal in our neighbor's tree yesterday. I too love birds and would love to paint them one day.

NetRaptor said...

I just love bird paintings. I also just love your impasto style. For some reason I find it restful on the eyes.

In this particular picture, I like how you made the cardinal's red crest stand out against the greens and browns of the rest of the picture. Very eye-catching. :-)

Gabriel said...

Un cardenal ^_^

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