Friday, July 15, 2011

KMD2663 Deep in Blue (Blue Jay, bird, animals

I have a bird feeder that keeps me (and the squirrels) entertained every day. Although most of the birds are cheery little sparrows, we get a number of Blue Jays landing as well. I love to see them with their perky crest, and beautiful blue, white, and black plumage. Although they can be noisy, Blue Jays are known for their intelligence and complex social systems with tight family bonds.
Lately, it has been a symphony of birdsong in the mornings as though it were spring and our feeder is emptied daily. (A month ago it would hold for a week. Do they know something we don't?)

5"x7" unframed original oil
$125.00 + $10.00 shipping and handling

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