Sunday, February 23, 2014

KMD2940 Grazing by Colorado artist Kit Hevron Mahoney (7x5 oil, animal, horse, landscape, original oil)

After quite a hiatus from my small paintings I am returning to posting again. I needed a paint break to regroup after a busy 2013 filled with many large commissions, all of which were a joy to create. I am having fun going through all my photos to see what floats my cork to paint now. I found this beautiful scene last year in Kauai of all places (not where I would go looking for horses!) This year promises to be a busy one as each of us at Brushstrokes is doing a solo show. I will have my show on June 21 so stay tuned as I continue solidifying my ideas for the show.

7x5 original oil unframed
$125 + 10 shipping and handling

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1 comment:

Sea Dean said...

This is lovely Kit. You have made the horse very natural.

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