Thursday, October 29, 2009

KM2405 Black Dragon Lake (Plein Air painting, China)

Here is the 2nd of the plein air paintings I did in China. This is probably my favorite and it was painted as I was succumbing to the 24 hour virus that flew through the group of 18 that I traveled with!
This great scene was walking distance to the village of Li Jiang that was one of my favorite stops on our trip.
I am madly painting for our upcoming show at Brushstrokes Studio opening on November 6. I am having so much fun with all the incredible new subject matter from China.


Monday, October 26, 2009

KM2390 Otto (original oil painting pet portrait commission)


This is a commission of this wonderful dog named Otto. He is no longer with us but he lived and loved for 17 years and was half mountain goat. He climbed hills and rocks with amazing ease in pursuit of deer and fox and anything else he might sniff out!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

KM2404 Li Jiang Village

It's been a whirlwind of a week between the openings for the American Impressionist Society show and the unveiling events of the Denver Young Artist's Orchestra Painted Violin fund raiser. I am finally posting one of my plein air paintings that I painted on location in China. This was a quaint village where people still live as they did many years ago with few modern conveniences except possibly cell phones and dish antennas!!! It is an odd combination of the old and the new, but the old is dying out fast that I am glad I got to see some remote villages before they disappear!

8'x10" original oil on linen
$750 plus $10 S/H

Thursday, October 22, 2009

KM2402 Ever Changing (butterfly oil painting from nature)

This painting was painted for A fundraiser, "ONE HUNDRED ANGELS" for The Butterfly Program which is a Children's Hospice International Program for All-Inclusive Care for Children and their Families. It will be in a show where proceeds of the sale go to this important program at our newest gallery on Gaylord St. - Arts at Denver. The show from more than 50 artists hosts original works inspired by butterflies or angels and runs November 6 - 21.

Opening Reception at Arts at Denver on Friday, November 6, from 5 to 8 pm

If you are in town, stop by for this show and Brushstrokes opening reception of "Artist's Focus". It is going to be a grand show, I will be showcasing work inspired from my recent trip to China! I will send more info next week on our wonderful show.

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing this painting.
It is $850 sized 10"x8" framed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

KMD2403 Homeward Bound (landscape painting from China, original oil


It has taken awhile to sort thru my 1000's of pictures and figure out where to start painting again for the Daily Painters exercise. I am also painting for our upcoming show so won't be posting as often as I have in the past until I catch my breath.
My favorite part of China was the countryside and small villages where we saw a way of life that is disappearing rapidly. I shot this photo while doing a painting on location, as this person rode by I had to quickly get my camera out before they disappeared on they rode by. It was amazing to see these 3 wheeled bicycle trailers being used still and even in the Beijing and Shanghai.

7"x5" unframed original oil on gessoed board
$100.00 + $10.00 shipping and handling

Friday, October 16, 2009

KMD2401 Amidst Chaos (Still life original oil painting from China trip)

Back to the routine after an incredible 2 weeks in China with a
lifetime of painting subject matter to explore. I have finally recovered
from jet lag and am busy painting for our upcoming show
"Artist's Focus" on November 6 at Brushstrokes Gallery.
I photographed this unusual still life while touring the Cloisonné Enamelware
factory in Bejing. It represents a setting I found next to where all the
amazing hand work is done.
I will be posting the larger paintings that I am doing for the show as I finish them.
It is great to be back!

7"x5" unframed original oil on gessoed board
$100.00 + $10.00 shipping and handling

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