Saturday, May 8, 2010

KM2475 It Must be Spring (floral, poppies, garden, flowers, original oil)

After painting for our show "Identity Theft" here at Brushstrokes Studio Gallery here in Denver I had a great desire to be with my favorite poppies. It has been a really fun challenge to paint still life and roosters but I am also getting spring fever, which means everything is starting to bloom. So, I am itching to photograph and paint more florals. Here is a beautiful scene found from last year's poppy bloom as I couldn't wait for this year's bloom which is just around the corner.

24"x30" unframed original oil on linen
$3300.00 + $45.00 shipping and handling


Carol Blackburn said...

These are lovely, Kit. Have a great Mother's day.

Kay said...

so pretty..nice painting

Beverly Gurganus said...

Kit, this is absolutely beautiful! I definately get a feel of the birth of spring when I look at this (which happens to be my favorit part of the year despite the annoying allergies).

As I mature as an artist, I find myself with camera in hand looking for resources. This spring,I, too, have been all over my neighborhood taking pics of flowers for future paintings.

Look forward to seeing more:)

Becky Joy said...

A very beautiful painting. Love your flowers

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

one of my (many) favorite flowers! Beautifully done.

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